Meeting of GDPR cluster projects

Brussels, Belgium
28 Mar, 2019

On March 28th, 2019, the PAPAYA project participated to a face-to-face meeting of H2020 projects focusing on GDPR compliance. This meeting was held in Brussels and hosted by the EU commission.

PAPAYA III General Assembly at Madrid (Spain)

Madrid, Spain
05 Mar, 2019

The third consortium meeting of the PAPAYA project took place on March 5 and 6 of 2019 in Madrid (Spain) in the premises of ATOS Spain.

PAPAYA Project at Aegis Cyber and ICT 2018

Vienna, Austria
05 Dec, 2018

Last 5th of December, PAPAYA Project was presented by Aljosa Pasic, director of Technology Transfer in Atos Research and Innovation Spain, at the round table of Aegis Cyber Event in Vienna. 

PAPAYA II General Assembly at Haifa (Israel)

Haifa, Israel
07 Nov, 2018
The second consortium meeting of the PAPAYA project took place on November 7-8, 2018 in Haifa (Israel) in the premises of IBM Israel. It coincided with the project’s 6 months of existence and brought together the six partners of PAPAYA.


Vienna, Austria
14 Nov, 2018

Alberto Crespo, Head of Atos Privacy Lab, has represented PAPAYA project at the session "From Data Protection and Privacy to Fairness and Trust: the way forward" at EBDVF 2018, held in the Siemens Conference Center in Vienna.

PAPAYA Project at EEMA 2018

Brussels, Belgium
06 Nov, 2018

We have promoted the PAPAYA project at the ISSE conference 2018, the well-known Trust & Security conference organized by EEMA.

PAPAYA project at Smau

Milano, Italy
23 Oct, 2018

PAPAYA project was presented at Smau in Milano, Italy last 23th of October.

Presentation of PAPAYA at the Privacy and Identity event organized by EU-funded project PoseIDon

Rome, Italy
25 Oct, 2018
Melek Önen, EURECOM associate professor in the Digital Security Department and PAPAYA Coordinator, gave an overview about the project at the event organized by the EU-funded H2020 project PoseID-on at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (coordinator of PoseID-on) , Rome.

PAPAYA @ DPM2018 - Barcelona (Spain) - September 7, 2018

27 Sep, 2018

On September 7, 2018, Alberto Ibarrondo (EURECOM) presented the paper FHE-compatible Batch Normalization for Privacy Preserving Deep Learning at the 13th Data Privacy Management International Workshop (DPM 2018) in Barcelona, Spain, during the session Privacy and Cryptography.

PAPAYA Announcement Letter

24 Jul, 2018

The PAPAYA's Announcement Letter is now available. It provides essential information about the project, its scope, objectives and use cases.