Rather than several standalone modules, the PAPAYA project aims at developing an integrated platform for privacy preserving data analytics to make them available in a broad spectrum of products and services, with usable, friendly and accessible safeguards options. The main goal of the platform is to be used by service developers to deploy and run privacy-preserving services, and by service consumers, that are interested to employ privacy-preserving analytics. The document presents the platform functional design, architecture, and deployment. It describes the design of the main platform components that were elicited based on the requirements presented in D2.2. Moreover, it explains how different privacy preserving primitives that will be developed in WP3 (see D3.1) are integrated into the platform in a way that they will be interoperable/compatible with each other and could work together in the integrated platform. Furthermore, it presents the design of platform dashboards that will provide the UI, configuration functionality, and visualization functionality.

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