This deliverable outlines the dissemination and communication activities that were implemented during the first eighteen months of the project, i.e. from May 2018 until October 2019. The activities performed along this period are in line with the dissemination and communication strategies defined in deliverable D6.2. Accordingly, during this first eighteen months, the goal of the dissemination and communications activities were to raise awareness on the need for privacy enhancing technologies that help organisations or businesses to outsource their data analytics services to cloud server while being GDPR compliant and to promote the project’s goals and achievements.

With this aim, the overall dissemination and activities can be summarized as follows:

  • PAPAYA members published five scientific articles and two posters related to the project’s results at international refereed conferences and workshops.
  • Consortiums members also actively participated in various events with different audiences (including experts in IT, IT security, law, social science, etc.), by organizing summer schools or workshops, giving keynote talks, or attending different panels on topics related to PAPAYA.
  • The PAPAYA consortium had several interactions with other EU-funded projects such as PoseID-On or DEFeND. PAPAYA was also invited to join the European GDPR Cluster and the Cyberwatching Project Hub.
  • PAPAYA was also promoted through online services such as the PAPAYA web platform and the various social media accounts.